Over the years I have spoken to many people about their gym routines and it really isn’t a surprise to hear them say they have done the same workout for months, even years!

This is a common problem which needs addressing!

When you begin a workout, at first it may appear challenging, however after 5-6 weeks of the same routine, your body becomes a lot more efficient, meaning the amount of calories you burn will reduce.  This means, you will need to change the workout routine set.

Here’s my tips:

  • Change your program every 5-6 weeks – At this stage your body is starting to get used to the exercises your putting it through so you need to change the exercises being performed
  • Up your weights – To increase the challenge in your routine
  • Cut your rest period down – Lets face it….we can rest when at home
  • Speed up your runs by doing interval training or sprints

All of the above changes would make a big difference in terms of being able to reach your goals and also to prevent continuous boredom as a result of a repeating workout program.