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why 23-fitness?

Weight loss can be difficult on your own. You can try many different products/diets that give you short term results, but then after a while, everything seems to go back to how it was. You were not able to keep off the weight and back to square one again!

It's very common, and very frustrating and this may well have been going on for years! This isn't just about a number on the scales either, it affects you emotionally which is why you have been trying to lose weight in the first place.

The trouble is, you haven't been taught how to keep the weight off and sustain it!

This is where I step in. I not only teach clients how to train correctly, I also coach clients on how to make sure that the results you get are SUSTAINABLE. This is KEY to making long term progress and not going back to square one.

I have been working in the industry over 12 years now and have found the right process that you can implement into your life that will bring you the results you have always been after.

No diets, no massive restrictions, no cutting alcohol out. You should still be able to enjoy the foods you like, and drink too and still lose the weight. Cutting the foods and drink you enjoy having is not going to be very enjoyable, plus you don't need to because I teach clients how to keep it in their lifestyle and still get results.