Trying to lose weight and find your calorie intake is quite low? Surely you should be losing weight, right? Actually, the body is a very well-oiled machine which will have to adapt the lack of energy, vitamins and minerals. The metabolism will slow down resulting in a stall in weight loss. Your hormone levels will drop, not forgetting that your hormones run and drive your metabolism! If you raise your intake and hit your daily requirements then your body will function much better within its self, so the metabolism will increase. To get the best results with weight loss, increase your cardio output to 2-3 sessions a week minimum and add in weight training. Adding in specific supplementation will help you hit your daily requirements. This is only going to increase your calorie expenditure, increasing your metabolism, resulting in weight loss/fat loss. This shouldn’t be a short-term fix, this needs to be a lifestyle change which is sustainable. 🏋🏻‍♂️ #commitment #weightloss #body #bodybuilding #personaltrainer #fitness #fatloss #weightloss #consistency #23fitness

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