“I have just finished online training with Matt and I’ve had some incredible results! Not only have I lost 10lbs and several inches, but I’ve learnt some extremely useful tools (both in nutrition and exercise) in how to progress with my fitness and general well-being.
Matt doesn’t give you a quick ‘fix’, this is about a lifestyle change and he’ll teach you how to sustain this in the long run. He has vast knowledge and he’s there to offer advice whenever you might need it. He is also great at keeping your motivation up. I would definitely recommend signing up to Matt’s program, especially if you feel you could do with some direction and clarity to reach your goal.”

I have recently completed online training with Matt and am delighted with the results! I have managed to lose 8lbs and feel fitter and healthier than ever! I could not have done this without Matt’s continued support and advice and the very helpful information about diet, portion sizes and exercise on the website. I am continuing with my training and more determined and motivated to be fit and fabulous when I reach 50 next year and my heartfelt thanks go to Matt for giving me the kick start I needed!


Edward Stock
“I started training with Matt in an attempt to lose a little weight. What I had achieved with his advice taken onboard was far greater than I expected; Six pack abs and slimmer body. My fitness and health improved dramatically. His tips and cheats on nutrition allowed me to eat much more healthy and still indulge from time to time. His expertise really helped any questions I needed to be answered involving fitness in general. His motivation, energy and interpersonal skills made exercise fun and not a chore! I started my weight loss journey with matt at 16 stone, following Matt’s guidance I managed to lose 5 stone 6 lbs, which retrospectively has been life-changing.”

Mary Johnson
“Matt puts you at ease from the first session, he is very easy to get along with. He is knowledgeable and professional, the routines and circuits change and progress which makes the sessions both interesting and challenging. Matt motivates you to push yourself and to keep trying. I look forward to the sessions even though I have to get up at 6am to fit them into my working week. That said what you really need to know is that after training with Matt for 12 months I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been and now back wearing size 10’s for the first time in 10 years”

Christine Pullman
“When I first thought of Personal Training, it felt a little daunting. Matt soon puts this thought to rest and makes you feel so at ease during a one to one session. He is an excellent motivator who makes sure you get results, which is what has happened to me! Matt is always so full of enthusiasm and there’s never a session I don’t enjoy. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking into Personal Training”

Steve Snellng BSc. Hons. MCSP,HCPC Chartered Physiotherapist
“I’ve worked with Matt for a number of years. He’s helped me personally to achieve some of my fitness objectives and also design programs for some of my clients. I’ve always been impressed by the way he uses his extensive knowledge to put together a comprehensive package of fitness and nutrition to enable his clients to achieve their objectives in a realistic time. His ability to put clients at ease and to create flexible plans which can be delivered in customers’ homes, the outdoors and gym environments enables the widest variety of options for those who are apprehensive or intimidated by gyms. If you want to improve your health he’s your man”

“Thank you to matt for helping with my weight loss. After only a few weeks I made it to my goal weight and feel much stronger. Matt was also instrumental in helping with the rehabilitation of an old injury by adapting exercises to ensure that I was able to strengthen my knee without pain and risk of further injury”