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Work behind a desk most days of the week?? Postural changes will happen over time. Rounding of the shoulder (kyphosis), forward head movement will lead weakness around the upper back and tightness around the neck and chest! Make sure you are doing a mobility routine to prevent this from becoming and issue later on in life. Here is a great mobility routine by @deskboundtherapy for you to do in the gym or at home. Here is the routine. Dowel stretch 12 reps x2 T Spine rotations 12 reps x2 Shoulder opener dynamic 12 x2 T-Spine Extension 12 x2 #personaltrainer #mobility #mobilitytraining #fitnessmotivation #fitness #snapfitnessgodalming #posturecorrection #exercise

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In the fitness and health industry there are many supplements out there such as pills that say they help with weight loss/fat. Thanks to a great post from @the.perfectdiet here is ‘The Magic Pill’ you need to achieve those goals! #bodytransformation #commitment #personaltrainer #fitnessmotivation #fitness #weightlossjourney #23fitness #workoutmotivation

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You may see pictures of people who have had a 10 week body transformation and the results are incredible. Realistically body transformations take a lot longer as situations in life may intervene which make the process that much longer. It take time and dedication to transform your body so be patient and disciplined and you will get the results! #maxweberfit #bodytransformation #fitnessmotivation #personaltrainer #lifestyle #23fitness #godalmingpersonaltrainer #weightlossjourney #weightloss

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Over the years, many people have asked me what the best way to lose fat under their arms and around the tummy. It’s very easy to find information online giving you exercises to do to target that area to ‘burn the fat away’. This actually is false information. The body will start using up the fat where it wants to first, you cannot target a specific area to lose the fat. Have a calorie deficit and over time it will slowly work into all those areas. Patience is key! Here is a great post from #caloriedeficit

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