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Do you eat porridge for breakfast? Don’t do it! Check your packaging.

Porridge is a great breakfast to have as it can make you feel pretty full and nutritionally is pretty good (DEPENDING ON WHICH ONE YOU BUY). I had a look on the back of some branded packaging and actually was surprised myself compared to the supermarkets own brand. Why? The reason is because of the sugar content. You will be surprised how much can be in them.
For example, one branded company has 23.3 grams of sugar per 100g!!! Compared that to Sainsbury’s Scottish Porridge Oats which has 1.0 gram of sugar per 100g! What a huge difference. Look before you buy. We all know what too much sugar can do to our weight if we don’t watch it.

Running Tip. Have you got knee pain?

Got knee pain? Try and shorten your stride when you run. Most people thing that your heel is meant to be used to land on. Afraid not. It was not made to be landed on. This does not matter whether you have a very supportive heel in your shoe either. When you shorten your stride you will end up landing more on the middle of your foot which is going to help activate your body’s natural shock absorbers. Give it a try and see what difference it makes to your run.

Trade Machine Exercises for Free Weights

Machines are built with a specific path, one that wasn’t designed for you. If you’re too tall, too short or your arms or legs aren’t the same length, that fixed path won’t match your physiology which is potentially going to increase the risk of injury. As a Personal Trainer, free weight training is what I integrate into every program as it is massively effective for all different types of goal such as running or weight loss. The squat compared to the leg press demands more from you to keep your form correct while the leg press is only focusing on your legs. Adding free weights like a barbell or dumbbells is only going to ask more from your upper body making it a full body exercise which is more beneficial to you.

Low Carbs diet to lose weight, Do it, or not?

Dieting is a massive factor with losing weight. Cutting out carbohydrates works to begin with, but why does it work?
To keep it sweet and simple, Carbohydrates is a macronutrient (like protein and fat) which means we need large amounts of it on a day to day basis for our body to function properly. Cutting this out will mean you will lose weight which is great, right??? No, it’s really not! When we cut carbohydrates out, we will lose weight because our body holds 3 grams of water to every gram of carbohydrate. I personally need around 200 grams of carbohydrates a day, which is around 600 grams of water, so if I cut carbs out that would explain why I have lost around 2 lb by the end of the day. Don’t worry, when you start eating carbs again you will gain weight straight away. The body is pretty amazing and has other systems to get around this depletion. Limit what you eat, stay disciplined, exercise every day and you will reach your goals.


Work Behind a Desk? What do I need to do?

Are you working behind a desk most days? Many years ago we never used to sit down and were a lot more active then we are today. What does this mean? Sitting places our hip flexors in a shortened, tightened, active position. Shortened muscles that stay shortened for hours at a time get stiff and overactive. Ever feel that pain in the crease between your hip and your inner thighs after sitting for a while? How about back pain? What happens when you become older and haven’t done anything about it? Why wait to find out? This is why it is vital to do corrective exercises and mobility work so that you don’t suffer with these problems. Stretch that chest, work your upper back and try the foam roller out on your upper back. Stretch for at least 2 minutes when you stretch.