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You may come across the 70/30 or 80/20 rule with nutrition and fitness. Yes nutrition plays a massive part but unless your going to give it 100% towards your diet and training, the chances are your not going to hit your goal! If you want something, don’t go half hearted about it. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in. #transformation #snapfitnessgodalming #onlinepersonaltraining #intervaltraining #bodytransformation #onlinetrainer #nutrition #fitnessmotivation #fitness #motivation #effort #weightloss #weights #weightlossmotivation

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Many people starting a new journey can have a perception that it’s a straight road to success, because of what they have seen or read on the internet. However, I can assure you that it isn’t! You will have good weeks, and not so good weeks. This is just how it goes. You will need to overcome barriers along the way that you need to overcome, whether that’s nutrition or fitness related. The one thing you must keep doing though is believing and remaining positive. If you don’t, failure won’t be too far away. Remember, those barriers are there for a reason so find a way around them to become a better version of yourself! Great post from @grantgirsky #transformation #snapfitnessgodalming #onlinepersonaltraining #intervaltraining #bodytransformation #personaltrainer #personaltrainersurrey #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #strength #motivation #nutrition #onlinetrainer

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How many more excuses are you going to make?? Excuses are what hold people back from achieving results. I have herd so many over the years and have worked with many clients who have changed their mind set and stopped making excuses and started putting in the work and wanted to make progress and did! This WILL stop your from getting you where you want to be. If you want results, you must make a change! Results don’t just happen, you have to put the work in and effort and you will never look back. Don’t start next week, start today! #progress #onlinepersonaltraining #bodytransformation #nutrition #goals #gym #intervaltraining #highintensityintervaltraining #food #godalmingpersonaltrainer #transformation #snapfitnessgodalming

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How dangerous is your job!? Working behind a desk on your computer full time can actually be a dangerous job. Why!? Spending many hours in a poor position over many years WILL lead to posture changes, fact! Forward head position, rounded shoulders, inactive glutes, short hamstrings are just a few major problems. Fitness has become focused more on mobility over the years because many of us have very poor mobility due to our jobs. Make sure you are strengthening the weak inactive muscles and stretching the overactive/tight muscles. This needs to be a REGULAR routine to fix these issues. If you don’t, then when you become older, fixing these problems can become a massive issue. Get mobile and start training smart!! #onlinepersonaltraining #bodytransformation #nutrition #goals #weightloss #mobility #kellystarrett #movement #snapfitnessgodalming #fitness #fitnessmotivation #godalmingpersonaltrainer

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What to do, cardio or weights??? As you can see in the picture, weights top cardio in every department. Why?? Well, lifting weights adds lean tissue, which means more muscle, which means you burn more calories per day as your body needs it. More muscle means I will look bulky though… Actually, no it doesn’t. To get muscly for women is very difficult as testosterone plays a huge part in muscle growth, and women have a lot less than men. It makes you feel much better about your appearance, you feel more confident, you can eat more!!!, and your a getting strong so later in life, you can still do the things you want to as you have built a strong foundation. Don’t be afraid of weights, you have sooo many ways of progressing and many variations that will keep your body improving every time. Don’t get more wrong though, cardio plays it’s part and you need to do it, but make sure you have a system in place. ReDiscipline great post! @oli.rogers #fitness #fitnessmotivation #nutrition #bodytransformation #onlinepersonaltraining #goals #personaltrainer #gym #weights #weightloss #weightlosstransformation

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